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Jezero Laminci is a sports and recreation complex which consists of an artificial lake for swimming and sport fishing, a restaurant with rooms for accommodation, tennis courts, as well as the walking and running paths encircling the lake, surrounded by oak and ash forest, creating a wonderful and relaxing atmosphere during all seasons of the year.



On the ground floor of our facility, there is a restaurant with a huge outdoor seating area with a look on the lake and the surroundings

Sports Fishing

Sports Fishing

The part of the service we offer to our guests, which is unique in the area and which we are very proud of, is sport fishing, mainly carp fishing

Sports Activities

Sports Activities

You can engage in various recreational and sports activities in the Jezero Laminci



We offer you comfortable and cozy rooms with air-conditioning, private bathrooms and balconies for rest and relaxation in the heart of nature


Choose the room which suits you the best, according to your preference and budget

Organizing Celebrations


In our restaurant, we organize various kinds of celebrations, and other events for you, according to your own desires and preferences. Current capacity of the restaurant is 180 seating places inside the restaurant. We are here to fulfill all your wishes, no matter if you need us to provide you with a facility alone, or a complete food preparation service. Contact us and let us find the most suitable option for you.

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Discount on Tennis Courts Rent

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Sports Activities

Do some sports in the wonderful environment

Tennis Courts

Within our complex, there are two tennis courts which are being rented to visitors for an hourly fee. If you do not have your own equipment, when you rent a court, we will provide you with the equipment needed, free of charge! The surface on the tennis courts is clay.

  • Rent of equipment

Running and Walking Path

The path spreads around the whole lake. With its length of one kilometer, it is suitable for running, walking and cycling. Around the whole lake and the path, there is an oak and ash tree forest, which means this is a place where you can enjoy the nature and breathe the fresh air even in the hottest days. But, every season of the year is a special spectacle here, so you will see the lake and the surroundings in different shape and color every time, which is ideal for people whose passion is photography, painting, or the ones who simply enjoy the nature and its beauty!

  • Sports Fishing – Carp

    The part of our service which is unique in the area, and of which we are being extremely proud, is the one concerning sport fishing, mainly carp fishing.

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News and Events

Various recreational and cultural activities take place in Jezero Laminci, such as sports fishing contests, art colonies, and the Yoga seminar

27 Apr

Art Colony

Apart from that, the lake and the surroundings are being transformed into a small artistic oasis, since for many years the art colony takes place just here as the summer comes to an end, and eminent painters from the country and the region gather on that occasion. (more…)

27 Apr

The Yoga Seminar

Second year in a row, in the month May, the Yoga seminar took place in Jezero Laminci. Taking into account that Yoga aspires unification of a human being with Nature, on the lake Laminci, numerous. (more…)

27 Apr

Regional Sport Fishing Contest

Every Year in the month April, on the Jezero Laminci lake, regional contest in sports fishing takes place, in the event of opening the fishing season. On the other hand, in October, there is a traditional competition in the event of closing the fishing season. (more…)