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About Us

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Jezero Laminci is a recreational and sports complex which contains of an artificial lake for swimming and sports fishing, a restaurant with rooms for accommodation, tennis courts, as well as a path for walking, running, and cycling which encircles the lake, in the shade of oak and ash trees which create a wonderful and relaxing atmosphere in all seasons of the year.

Jezero Laminci is situated in the quiet oasis in the heart of the nature, only three kilometers away from the main road Banja Luka – Gradiska, and eight kilometers away from the city of Gradiska (and the border crossing to Croatia).


This is an artificial lake which was formed during the 1980’s by excavation of gravel. The adaptation and usage for touristic purposes did not start until 1990’s, and the complex itself is transforming and improving every year, providing more and more contents to its visitors. The lake complex actually consists of three lakes (one big, and two smaller ones) of the total area of eight hectares, and it is seven meters deep.

  • Place in Nature
  • Restaurant
  • Sports activities